Time is money for a commercial build and we strive to get shelving and racks installed for the working van as quickly and professionally as possible. If you use your van for work of any type, we can help customize the upfit to work for you.

Optimizing the camping components in a recreational build is a service unique to VANco, as we offer help in you upfit anywhere on the scale, from a full build, to installing a simple roof-top fan.  We are willing to help with any aspect of the project.

There are many interesting work-orders that come through our shop.  We have upfitted vans for dog breeders, mobile libraries, traveling salesman, sports enthusiasts, medical and dental outreach, food trucks, and barber shops.  We have worked on Big Rigs, RV’s, and 5th wheels.  We do pre-purchase inspections and diagnostics for repair.  No job is too big or small, too ordinary or extra!  Let us know what you want and we can probably help!


Van life enthusiast: expend time learning and searching about vans,
how to transform them, what accessories, brands, changes can be used / made, and they know
specifically what they want, and may want to do part of the work themselves.

Design Process

Each customer meets with our sales team to review options and to develop a project plan

Material Purchase and Timeline

We work with the customer on procuring the material as quickly as possible to accelerate the build timeline

Project Completion and Delivery

We keep the customer updated on the project and do a detailed walk-through upon delivery